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Welcome to BDDAI, a leading fintech company focused on utilizing the most cutting-edge AI technology to provide professional quantitative trading solutions to the cryptocurrency market. Since its inception in 2013, BDDAI has been working on developing efficient and intelligent trading algorithms that will help global investors achieve stable and efficient asset appreciation in the complex and volatile cryptocurrency market. Our technical advantage is not only reflected in the in-depth analysis and processing power of big data, but also in our ability to adjust trading strategies in real time according to the market dynamics to maximize the return on investment and reduce risk. At BDDAI, we believe that, through continuous technological innovation and service optimization, we can lead into a whole new era of cryptocurrency quantitative transactions.

company vision and mission

At BDDAI, we aspire to be a pioneer in the field of quantitative trading of cryptocurrencies, providing an unparalleled trading experience for our global customer base through continuous technological innovation and service optimization. Since our founding in California in 2013, our goal has been to redefine the future of cryptocurrency transactions by using artificial intelligence and advanced quantitative analytics.


To lead fintech innovation

Our vision is not only to gain leadership in cryptocurrency quantitative trading, but more importantly, to drive the entire fintech industry forward through our innovative technologies. We believe that by providing more efficient and smarter trading solutions, we are able to help market participants stay ahead in this rapidly changing world.


To optimize the global trading experience

BDDAI's mission is to provide tailored quantitative trading strategies and services to investors and exchanges around the world through our expertise and technical strengths. We are committed to optimizing our customers' trading experience, improving their investment efficiency and security, and helping them achieve sustainable growth in the cryptocurrency market.

Core values

integrity, innovation, and excellence

We invite you to dive into BDDAI and discover how we can revolutionize the field of cryptocurrency quantitative transactions through innovative technologies and optimized services.


We firmly believe that integrity is the cornerstone of building and maintaining customer trust. We always put the needs and interests of our customers first, and we are committed to providing transparent and fair services.


At BDDAI, innovation is our lifeline. We continue to explore and break through the boundaries of technology and services to adapt to the market changes and lead the development of the industry.


We pursue excellent work standards, and strive to achieve the highest quality and results in every link of product development, customer service and team building.

Our technology-technology advantage display

At BDDAI, we have combined the power of artificial intelligence with the precision of quantitative trading to create a new era of cryptocurrency trading. Our technical advantage lies not only in the advanced algorithms, but also in how we apply these technologies to real transactions to provide customized solutions for customers.

Advanced machine learning models

We use the latest machine learning techniques, including deep learning and reinforcement learning, to deeply analyze market data and accurately predict price movements. Our model is able to learn from historical data and constantly optimize itself, ensuring that it provides reliable trading strategies in a variety of market conditions.

Customized solution development

BDDAI provides our customers with customized quantitative trading solutions, and we develop specific trading strategies and tools according to the specific needs of our customers. Our personalized services and support ensure that every customer can meet its investment goals in the cryptocurrency market.

Real-time market analysis and data processing

Our system is able to process and analyze large-scale real-time market data, using high-performance computing technology to ensure the speed and accuracy of transaction decisions. This means that regardless of how the market changes, BDDAI customers can respond quickly and seize the trading opportunity.

Adaptive trading algorithm

The adaptive trading algorithm developed by BDDAI can automatically adjust to the changes in real-time market conditions. This flexibility means that our system can optimize the return on investment in different market environments, bringing the greatest benefit to our clients.

Risk management and optimization

We use AI technology for comprehensive risk assessment and management, including using algorithms to predict market fluctuations and identify potential risk points. Our system can automatically adjust positions and trading strategies to minimize risk and protect clients' investments.

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